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 ISO - International Organization for Standardization
I International Register of Certificated Auditors
  Institute of Standards & Industrial Research of Iran
 QRS Limited Co.
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welcomes everyone looking for an experienced certification body. We would be pleased to give a detailed presentation of our working processes to highlight our professionalism and competence.


Offering both 3rd Party Certification/Registration auditing and 2nd Party Client/Supplier auditing supported by professional personnel training services our success, driven by the concept of “Service Above All Else”, can be measured that in the 20 years since inception the MPS number some more than 400 clients covering all sectors of industrial and commercial activity. We offer clients certification of management systems, e.g ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, etc. audits, and comprehensive training courses. Ultimately, we all have one and the same goal : Excellence In Everything We Do


  • Receive a thorough assessment by our team of dedicated, trained and experienced auditors

  • Provides credibility to your organization’s quality assurance system

  • Increase your stakeholders’ confidence in your organization

  • Commit your organization towards a continuous progress path

  • Improve your organization’s performance

  • Help secure growth markets

  • Gain a viable competitive advantage.

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